About us

Altair corporation (or Altair for short) is a multinational professional services company that provides services in it strategy, consulting, digital transformation, technology and operations. It has been private company since early 2009.  In 2019, the company was serving clients in more than 50 cities in 12 countries. Altair’s current clients include the biggest companies from Fortune Global 500.

On July 12, 2019, Altair appointed Marek Vavra as their new Chief Executive Officer and major owner of all Altair companies word wide. He has accepted his office and started transformation of the company to the focus on transformative technologies yet to be scaled up like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Machine Learning.

Formation and early years

Altair began as the business and technology consulting division of a software development company in the early 2009 when it delivered and implemented projects for a Qurius company. Those activities led into independent installations of a whole international systems. Marek Vavra, an early pioneer of modern computer areas held a position as a head of the company till 2019 when he also took over the major ownership of the company.

Emergence of Altair Group

In 2019, all independent Altair companies were purchased and merged into one logical group. All fragmented activities were consolidated and optimized to new, more agile company with deep focus to the latest technologies.

Services and operations

  • Altair Digital provides sophisticated digital solutions based on GPS, Galileo, Copernicus analytics and mobility services.
  • Altair Solutions focuses on technology solutions, implementation, delivery, and research & development, including its Technology Labs for emerging technologies.
  • Altair UA – provides business strategy, technology strategy and operations strategy services on the markets of the CEE.
  • Altair EG – provides business strategy, technology strategy and operations strategy services on the markets of the north Africa.

The origin of the name

There are two major inspirations from the history.

The Altair 8800 was a microcomputer designed in 1974 by MITS and based on the Intel 8080 CPU. Interest grew quickly after it had been featured on the front cover of the January 1975 issue (published in late November 1974) of Popular Electronics. The Altair is widely recognized as the spark that ignited the microcomputer revolution as the first commercially successful personal computer. The computer bus designed for the Altair was become a de facto standard in the form of the S-100 bus, and the first programming language for the machine was Microsoft’s founding product, Altair BASIC.

Altair, designation α Aquilae (Latinised to Alpha Aquilae, abbreviated Alpha Aql, α Aql), is the brightest star in the constellation of Aquila and the twelfth brightest star in the night sky. It is currently in the G-cloud—a nearby interstellar cloud, an accumulation of gas and dust. Altair is an A-type main sequence star with an apparent visual magnitude of 0.77 and is one of the vertices of the Summer Triangle asterism (the other two vertices are marked by Deneb and Vega). It is 16.7 light-years (5.13 parsecs) from the Sun and is one of the closest stars visible to the naked eye.